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100% Money Back Guarantee

Daily Passive BTRD or well known as Bitrade Limited is the only company offers a flexibility in terms of invested Capital to be cash-out or pull-out. It's 100% money back guarantee. Read on to learn all the details.

In this uncertain times, millions of people have left unemployed, others with large pay cuts due to economic aftermath of quaratined due to Pandemic that consumes the world. People are searching another ways to earn money, part-time jobs, sideline jobs, but the most popular jobs right now are so called as ONLINE-JOBS that can be done while at home. But since, there are tons of online jobs pop-up in the internet, promising of higher income or commissions. People learned and understand what Pyramiding schemes are, and the best part is, they do understand it through experienced. No invites, no income and the invested capital are forfeited, thats the sad story of their policy.

As mentioned above, members of Bitrade Limited have the option to pull-out or cash-out their invested capital during the maturity date of their account and that happens after 30-day from the date of the registration. Bitrade Limited clear the doubts and fears of many, created huge impact to the company and earned trust and loyalty of all its members. The other features that made this company unique are invites or downline are optional for an invidual to earn daily. In Bitrade Limited it is called as an "Affiliates". If you are a type of person that doesn't want to invite people to join your cause, it is perfectly fine, you can still earn and generated income monthly that go straight into your bank account, given that you do encoding daily.

Learn more about Daily Passive BTRD.
Learn on how to Cash-out/Pull-out invested capital.
Learn how Daily Passive BTRD works.
See more Unique Features of Bitrade Limited:
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • No inivites needed to earn daily.
  • No. of Captcha based on account registered.
  • Weekly pay-out for Pass-up and AFB bonus.
  • No time frame/timing in encoding Captcha
  • Own a Personal account.
  • No Minimum Pay-out for your own earnings.
  • Auto debit transfer to Bank account for monthly earnings.

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