How Daily Passive BTRD works

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How Daily Passive BTC Ltd. works

1. Captcha Encoding

In Daily Passive BTC Ltd., encoding captcha is the primary job and this should be done every day to generate income. Number of Captcha depends on the Package opened during registration. It's an easy task, everyday you can generate an income. Just type in the text and numbers seen in the image below and type-in, in the space provided. No captcha encode, No income thats the policy here. See sample captcha image below.

This is how your earnings being calculated.

Daily Earnings = Rate per Captcha x No. of Captcha

€Monthly = Daily Earnings x 30days

₱Monthly = €Monthly x ₱55(fixed rate)

Example: Platinum package

€0.0969 x 25 = €2.423/daily

€2.423 x 30days = €72.69

€72.69 x ₱55 = ₱4,000.oo (Monthly Earnings)

Packages captcha rates and No. of daily captcha:
    Bronze Package: ₱1,000.oo Fee
  • Daily Captcha: 15
  • Rates: €0.016
    Silver Package: ₱3,000.oo Fee
  • Daily Captcha: 15
  • Rates: €0.0483
    Gold Package: ₱5,000.oo Fee
  • Daily Captcha: 20
  • Rates: €0.0605
    Platinum Package: ₱10,000.oo Fee
  • Daily Captcha: 25
  • Rates: €0.0969
    Diamond Package: ₱50,000.oo Fee
  • Daily Captcha: 50
  • Rates: €0.2423
    Premium Package: ₱100,000.oo Fee
  • Daily Captcha: 75
  • Rates: €0.3231
Basically, ROI (Return of Investments) can be achieved after 75 days or 2.5 months given that the encoding tasks is completed everyday. With an option that members can Cash-out Earnings and invested Capital every 30days. Join Bitrade Limited today.



2. How Affiliates works

Remember that affiliates in Daily Passive BTRD is just an options to earn. If you want to share Daily Passive BTRD to others to join as your downline, it's perfectly fine. But no need to worry about invites/affiliates still you can generate income everyday with "Captcha Earnings" as your every day tasks.

In Daily Passive BTRD, every succesful registration of accounts under your name, will give you a bonus of 10% of the fee of the package opened. It will record in your "Dashboard" as AFB Balance. Gentle reminder to all that we are dealing Euro (€) currency in every transaction in our Dashboard. However, Daily Passive BTRD made the conversion rate easier, and come up with a fix rate. €1 is equivalent to ₱55.oo.

Example: Platinum succefully registered

Captcha Fee: ₱10,000.oo Fee and is equivalent to €181.81

AFB Balance: €18.18 (will add up into your AFB Balance and AFB Total)

As your affiliates are earning, you also earning every time they completed there Captcha encoding. In Daily Passive BTRD, you are earning 50% of your affiliate total earnings. That earnings will be recorded in Pass UP Balance in your Dashboard.

Please refer to the computation above of a Platinum member with an income per month of ₱4,000.oo, and if this is your direct affiliate, you will get an easy ₱2,000.oo monthly. Take note that only in your direct invites/affiliates you will gain a Pass Up bonus and not on the Afilliate of your Affiliates.

3. Encashments

Daily Passive BTRD "Encashments"options only available from Saturday 12nn to Sunday 12nn. Please be reminded that the AFB and Pass-up Balance only can be requested weekly. The Captha Earnings is requested every 30days or when the day your account is for reactivation. In there, you have the option cash-out your invested capital together with your earnings. Learn more how to cash-out Invested Capital.

4. Maturity / Account Renewal

On Process...

Join Bitrade Limited today.

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Learn more how to Renew Account.
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