Step by Step on how to renew account in Bitrade

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How to "Renew" or "Pull-out" account in Bitrade

Bitrade is the only company that giving its members a flexibility options. If the member decided not to encode captcha any more or doens't want to be part of the company any longer. Members can pull-out their earnings together with their capital that invested on the day they started Bitrade. They can request every maturity date of their account, and that happens every 30days from the date of the account activation. Members also have the option to retain their capital or investments and just request encashments of the "captcha earnings" if they choose to stay and earn more in Bitrade as Captcha Encoder.

How it works.

Account can only be re-activated if the status of the account/s stated as "CLOSED". Sometimes on the day of your maturity date, the account will still not prompt as "CLOSED". Check from time to time if the account is ready for re-activation. Also, try to click "Solve Captcha" if there is notification that the accounts is for re-activation and is already matured as shown in the second image below.


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Step by step for re-activation of Bitrade account.

Step 1:

In your dashboard, navigate to your main menu option and click Encashments. Don't worry, we are not requesting encashments here. We will reactivate your account by this process.


Select "Pull-out Captcha/Capital"


Step 2:

By clicking "Pull-out Captcha/Capital", it will be directed to the other page that is shown below. Make sure that the account has the notification at the bottom of the page states that "Your account is Matured. Proceed."

There will be 2 options to select on what you will going to do with your earnings. "Pull-out Capital" or "Convert Capital to wallet". If you wish not to encode anymore or doesn't want to be part of Bitrade, proceed with "Pull-out Capital". "Convert Captial to Wallet" is the option for reactivation of the account.

Please do remember, this is a MUST and very important task. Do not forget to input you bank details in the space provided before clicking "PROCEED". This is where they will debit your income.

Please refer to image shown below.


Step 3:

Make sure all details are correct especially the Bank Details. Once all confirmed, click "PROCEED".

Do not be startle, if seems nothing had happened after the "PROCEED" button was click. It simply the page didn't directed anywhere, instead it just deleted the password and the Bank Details created. Please check notification below of the page if it says "Password Confirmed". If there is, that means it's all good to go. Click "Back to Dashboard".


Step 4:

In the Dashboard, click "BTR E-Wallet".


Click "Buy Code thru E-Wallet"


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Step 5:

After the step 4, it will direct to the new page, where you will select the package of your account. Select the Right Package and enter your password for verification. Click "Buy Now". Do not be startled again, page will not direct to the next page. Instead, it will produce a code that can be found at the bottom part of the page.


Copy the "Reactivation code", but if you can memorized it, much better. As long you have the copy of this code before we proceed to the next step.


Step 7:

Back to Dashboard and click "Reactivation"


Paste or input the code in the space provided and click "Reactivate".


Wait until the notification below is prompted "Account Reactivated".



Bitrade account is now reactivated.

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17 Responses

  1. Marvic Kay Dalde
    | Reply

    How many days can pullout the account..??
    Can it be disabled if i do not pulloutforthefew days..?.

  2. HappyDanna
    | Reply

    Thank You So Much for your tutorial. Quick and easy to understand.looking forward for more

  3. Andrea
    | Reply

    What will happen if forgot to input bank details??

    • Rhym
      | Reply

      You need to wait to the next maturity date of your account to correct it. Your earnings will bounce back to your dashboard.

  4. Evangeline Valdez
    | Reply

    Step by step for bitrade

  5. Romel Ignacio
    | Reply

    Is the system will send an email confirmations after the encashments? Does any one here receives an email? When can we receive our earnings?

    • Rhym
      | Reply

      System will only send email confirmations that your request for encashments is successful. You need to check your bank account after 5 days if you received the amount you requested.

  6. Raquel Aguas
    | Reply

    Follow up again about my new email address pls send to my new email address about the adoptation of my old account..thank you

  7. Rita Fuentes
    | Reply

    Im not sure if my account was recognized during my encashment..pls send me an email pls

    • rhys
      | Reply

      Same here.. I thought that by April 15 i can start earning by this day, but seems still there is no news about my account. Hoping Bitrade management accelerates the migration of old account to the new system. Still waiting!

      • Marvic Kay Dalde
        | Reply

        Hi, i will pullout my accounts last MAY 12, 2020, but until then i don’t recieve, i want to know when i get my income and my invesment, i hope u response as soon as possible..
        Thank you

        • Rhym
          | Reply

          Encashments requests always made every weekend. If your account(s) maturity falls on weekdays it will wait until the weekend for processing. Releasing of encashments/Pay-out done happen every Friday and Saturday.

          In your case, if you requested 12th May 2020, Tuesday. It will process 16th(Sat) and 17th(Sun) and it will be release 22nd(Fri) or 23rd(Sat).

          • Marvic Kay Dalde

            I will not recieved my encashment, what shoul i do..??

          • Marvic Kay Dalde

            My account is posible to be disabled…??

        • Marvic Dalde
          | Reply

          Okay, thank you..

      • Marvic Kay Dalde
        | Reply

        My account is posible to be disabled…??

        • Rhym
          | Reply

          Account(s) that will not be renew after 3 days of maturity will be block. It will exist no more after grace period given.

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