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What is Bitrade

Bitrade is well recognized as honest, automatic, and authentic means to make money online. A new and easy way platform that made for all that choose to stay home for whatever reason but still they can help for their financial aspect. This is not a "Pyramiding scheme", this system doesn't work like this. Downline is not compulsory for you to make money, the system was designed to earn an income according to individual hardwork everyday, and that is by completing assigned number of Captcha based on the account that user registered.

Bitrade Limited is a company, providing online typing jobs, online captcha entry jobs and online data entry jobs to all countries, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Middle East, Russia, Nigeria, Africa, Philippines etc.

Bitrade is now a thing, a globally accepted means of earning. It gives solution to time and efficiency, knowing no degree nor accomplishement, simply systematic work. System like no other and shares to everyone to take advantage and take charge of the financial fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

Learn and get ready to earn. Start now with Bitrade, recommended for home based income, and always you can share and recommended to all your friends, fellow and family.

Captcha Encode

Encoding of captcha is your primary job here. Basically it's called "Copy and Paste" job because you just need to copy the letters and numbers in the screen and enter it in the space provided. There is no time limit on typing Captcha, no worries too if you get an error typing, just rewrite it again without affecting the number of your Captcha numbers required per day. Just remeber to complete encoding Captcha everyday. That's how easy it is.

How to Start

Bitrade offers various of options for the account for you to register. In deciding the package you want to handle, you need to consider how much time that you can spend everday to complete the task required. There is no penalty here if you skip a day or days that you haven't completed your captcha tasks. The thing is, you are earning everyday by doing your captcha. List below are the packages.

Packages Membership Fee No. of Captcha Daily Captcha Earnings in 15 days 10% commission per renewal 50% pass up bonus
Silver Php3,000 15 Php600 Php300 Php300
Gold Php5,000 20 Php1,000 Php500 Php500
Platinum Php10,000 25 Php2,000 Php1,000 Php1,000
Diamond Php50,000 50 Php10,000 Php5,000 Php5,000
Premium Php100,000 75 Php20,000 Php10,000 Php10,000
How to add an Affiliates

In Bitrade platform it's called as "Direct Affiliate". Adding an Affiliates is not a mandatory option to earn in Bitrade, you can still earn even you don't have any invited affiliate(s). This options is only exist if you like to share this platform to others, friends or families that want to earn just like you do.

In your account, after you log-in, it will direct you into your "Dashboard". At the left side options of your platform you can find a box "Direct Affiliate". Click it and you will find there your added affiliates.


In order to appear your Direct Affiliates here, it needs them to be register by you using an Activation Code. Activation needs to be purchased by your end using your Captcha earnings. You can use either your "Personal Captcha Earnings" or "Affiliate Captcha Earnings".

How to purchase Activation Code

Purchasing Activation code can be done using your "Personal Captcha Earnings" or "Affiliate Captcha Earnings". This is the only mode of paymet you can use, there is no other way. No Cash, no Credit Card or Paypal.

Once you log-in into your account, it will direct you to your dashboard, in the left side of your account you will see an option "My Funds". Click it and it will hover to more options, and the option "Purchase Activation Code" will come into view.

To purchase activation code. Enquire here.
What is Maturity Date

There is no such thing as forever. Your account or accounts need to be renewed every time it reaches its maturity date. Bitrade system will give a 3-day grace period until you renew your account(s) again, if only you like to continue earning. If you doesn't want to renew your account, you don't need to continue reading this page.

Seems like you want to renew your account(s). You can view in your "Dashboard" the status of your account, it is either "Active" or for "Renewal". If it is for "renewal" click it. More often, if your account(s) is for renewal, once you log-on to your account it will pop-up "Renew Account".


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