Ancient One

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Ancient One

Ancient One

The Ancient One was the Sorcerer Supreme as well as the leader of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. For centuries, the Ancient One protected Earth from mystical threats, and dedicated herself to helping others in need by educating them in the magical arts to give them new hope. The Ancient One was the latest in a long line of Sorcerers Supreme who had defended Earth from mystical threats for millenniums. No one knows the exact age of this sorcerer because she never talk about her past.

Ancient One in Marvel Super War is an Energy type with Hard difficulty. Her Inter-Dimensional Travel can change the tide of the game by teleporting the most important but weak hero to the opposite team. She can throw her Tao Mandala in any direction she wants that dealt Energy Damage to enemies in its way while gaining her a shield that absorbs Damage from enemies. She can separate her Astral form from her body for 2 seconds that she can control and dealt Energy Damage to enemies and stun for a short period of time. When she is in his Peak State, cooldown of her Illusion shift will reset and she can blink again to the direction she wants.

Movie: Doctor Strange, End Game

Sorcerer Supreme
Passive: Once Ancient One uses both Tao Mandala and Illusion Shift, a mandala takes form around her and explodes after few seconds, dealing Energy Damage to enemy nearby. If an enemy hero is hit, Ancient One gains a layer of Energy. At 3 layers, Ancient One enters Peak State. Peak State enhances Tao Mandala and Illusion Shift. Percentage of damage dealt converts to HP. Each time Ancient One enters or leaves Peak State, the cooldown for Tao Mandala and Illusion SHift is reset.

Ability 1: Tao Mandala
Ancient One throws a Tao Madala in the specified direction, dealing Energy Damage to enemies in the path of its arc. She also gains shield that absorbs Energy Attack from enemies. If the Mandala hits an enemy hero and returns to her, she gains another shield that absorbs Energy Attack from enemy.
Peak State: Ancient One's Tao Mandala splits into two, each dealing 50% extra Energy Damage. If Tao Mandala hits the same enemy multiple times, subsequent damage will be reduced by 0.6.

Ability 2: Illusion Shift
Ancient One blinks in the specified direction.
Peak State: reduces the cooldown by Illusion Shift.

Ability 3: Astral Projection
Ancient One separates her astral form from her body and shifts control to her astral form. Her body remains in place with 60% damage reduction and control immunity while her astral form gains 75% acceleration for 3 seconds. Her Astral form deals, extra Energy Damage when passing through enemies and slows them for a second. The ability lasts for 3 seconds but using this ability again while it's still active, astral form will return to its body.

Ultimate: Inter-Dimensional Travel
Ancient One immediately gains vision of all heroes who haven't KO'd for 5 seconds. When used a second time with 5 seconds, Ancient One shoots a Mandala in the specified direction until it reaches its max distance, where it opens one portal at the max distance and one below Ancient One. Ancient One then teleports to the distant portal after 0.2 second. If the Mandala hit the enemy heroes, it will mark the enemy hero who is struck first and create a portal below Ancient One and the target Hero. Ancient One then switches location with the enemy hero after 0.2 second.

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