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Henry "Hank" McCoy was born a mutant who showed the signs of his being different from birth with his unusually large hands and feet. This is after his father was exposed to massive amounts of radiation that affected his genes. Hank acquired his nickname "Beast" from his youth due to his freakish appearance. Hank was invited by Professor Charles Xavier to join the team of teenage mutant heroes and enroll in the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Hank soon proved his worth and was granted full membership. During his time with the team he revealed his identity to the public in the hope that his status as an Avenger would help ease human/mutant tensions.

Following a restructuring of the Avengers, Hank left and became involved with the team of adventurers known as the Defenders which he soon reorganized into a more formal and cohesive unit, bringing in his former X-Men teammates Icemanand Angel. Following the apparent death of several of the Defenders, Hank reunited with the other four original X-Men to form X-Factor, an organization that intended to seek out and aid other mutants under the pretense of hunting them down.

Movie: Avengers: X-men
Identity: Henry McCoy

Everytime Beasts hits an enemy hero with an ability, he marks them for 3 seconds. Hitting marked targets with basic attacks deals an additional Physical Damage, while also healing him and increasing his movement speed by 30% for a second. Marks cannot be stacked.
Passive - Bestial Might: Beast becomes immune to control effects once every 55 seconds. When triggering this control immunity effect, he also gains 60% tenacity for 4 seconds.

Ability 1: Bestial Fury
For 5 seconds after using an ability, the attack speed of Beast's next two basic attack is increased by 40% and they deal an additional Physical Damage.

Ability 2: Bestial Raid
When Beast's basic attacks hit enemy heroes, this ability's cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds.
Active: Beast's lunges in the specified direction, dealing double Physical Damage to enemies in the area at the end of the lunge and slowing them by 35% for 2.5 seconds.

Ultimate: Predatory Shadow
Beast begin to gather savage power. When he encounters an enemy hero during this period, he stops gathering power and he will attack them, dealing them Physical Damage. The longer he gathers power, the more damage he deals, up to a maximum of 2 times this ability's base damage. Beast can gather power for up to 10seconds. During this period, he can stop gathering power by using this ability again.


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