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Cursed to never die! Makes Deadpool the only hero that will have no death display in this mobile game. Deadpool is a fighter hero that is immune to any control ability of enemy heroes while he is performing his ability but he deals damage to them. He cannot be targeted as well while he is in the air firing two volleys and he transform to his Dual Pistol mode. With his abilities, Deadpool makes a hard target and it is also with his speedy movement that gives him the advantage in chasing enemies and escaping on the other hand.

Movie: Deadpool
Identity: Wade Wilson

Can't Touch This!
Deadpool gets a 2-second 40% movement speed boost after changing modes. If he hits an enemy hero with an ability during this time, the duration of this boost is reset.
Passive -Immortality: Deadpool is cursed to never die and will always have 0 deaths displayed.

Ability 1: Catch Me If You Can!:
Deadpool charges in the specified direction, attacking enemies in the path twice, each attack dealing physical damage.

Ability 2: Can't Hit Me!:
Deadpool slices up a storm, endowing him with as much as 90% or as little as 20% damage resistance depending on how far through this move he is. Deadpool is immune to any enemy hero control effects while charging this ability and will also deal Physical and Energy damage to them. Deadpool can't perform basic attacks while parrying.

Ability 3: Ya Can't Hide!:
Deadpool strikes the specified enemy hero to deal physical damage and knockup effect. He also knocks back enemies near the target, dealing Physical damage and a slow effect.

Ultimate: Bang! Bang! Bang!:
Deadpool somersaults in the specified direction while firing two volleys, entering Dual Pistol mode. Each volley will deal physical damage to its target. Deadpool cannot be targeted while he is in the air.

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