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Is a relatively versatile hero. She can switch forms to become either invinsible or invincible, and can even pass through terrain when in an altered state. It is vital that Ghost utilizes movement speed and ability effects to pass through her enemies multiple times, adding marks to her targets, which she can then detonate using her basic attacks.

Movie: Ant-Man and the Wasp
Identity: Secret

Natural Passive: Quantum Corrusion
When Ghost passes through enemies, she afflicts them with the Quantum Corrosion effect for a certain period of time. When enemies are afflicted with Quantum Corrosiononce more, or when Ghost uses basic attacks against them during this period, the Quantum Corrosion effect detonates, damaging enemies and accelerating Ghost's movement speed. If Ghost uses abilities to pass through her enemies, the range of her next basic attack will increase. If Ghost doesn't pass through an enemy when using her abilities, she'll only be able to apply the Quantum Corrosion effect once within a short space of time.

Ability 1: Quantum Positioning
Ghost launches a positioning device in the specified direction, dealing damage and slowing down enemies in its path while afflicting them with Quantum Corrosion. Ghost can use this ability again to phase to the postioning device's location.

Ability 2: Quantum Shuttle
Ghost enters a state of Quantum disequilibrium for a period of time and leaves a shadow in place. During this period, she gains a significant acceleration effect, ignores terrain, and cannot be targeted. this state is cancelled when she uses basic attacks.
When in state of Quantum disequilibrium, Ghost deals damage to enemies she passes through. After this state ends, Ghost will recall her shadow. Enemies her shadow passes through take damage, and are afflicted with the Quantum Corrosion effect.

Ultimate Ability: Quantum Field
Ghost opens a Quantum Field at a designated location. After entering the field, Ghost becomes invisible, gamins an acceleration effect, and can pass through terrain. Attacking enemies will cancel her invisibility effect, and she'll be unable to turn invisible again for a short period of time.
Every time Ghost enters this Quantum field, it will reset the cooldown of Quantum Positioning and extend the field's duration. Quantum Field's duration can only be extended once within a certain period of time.
Using this ability again within a specific period of time will return Ghost to the center of the Quantum Field.

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