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One of the founding member of the Avengers. In his early days, he developed a talent for markmanship, a bow and an arrow. His skills was recognized and hand-picked by Nick Fury to be one of the S.H.I.E.L.D agent. While working as an agent, he was acknowledged as the most skilled agent in the organization. He was assigned in Russia to hunt down Black Widow, as she appeared in S.H.I.E.L.D radar as a potential threat to national security. After confronting her, instead of assassinating Black Widow, he convinced her to join and become an agent, then he discover her true name, Natasha Romanoff. This two work closely and began to develop a strong friendship relationship.

Hawkeye increases his range of vision and attack range as he increases his level. He has the ability too to sense enemy heroes in his range even though they are invinsible in vision. With his developed skills, he locks target enemy hero when he activated the special device in his bow and shoot the target with an extra increase in his Attack Damage and Attack Speed. Then he fires a blast arrow that explode when target hit and deals Physical damage to the target and to its nearby enemies.

Movie: Avengers
Identity: Clint Francis Barton

I Never Miss
Passive: Both Hawkeye's range and vision progressively better as his level increases. Hawkeye's range will increase by 7 yards and his vision by 30 yards every time he levels up. Hawkeye also has the ability to sense enemy heroes in his field of vision who would have otherwise remained invinsible.

Ability 1: Blast Arrow
Hawkeye shots an explosive arrow in the specified direction, inflicting slow in movement to enemies hit, hero or non-hero units, whoever gets hit first. The arrow will explode after a second, dealing Physical Damage to its target and any nearby enemies.

Ability 2: Multipurpose Bow
Hawkeye activates a special sighting device on his bow, locking into enemy hero within range who has the least HP for few seconds. Hawkeye will receive and extra boost in his attack speed when attacking this hero, who will take additional Energy Damage. Use Blast Arrow to shoot at the locked target after activating Hawkeye's Bow sighting ability.

Ultimate: Arrow Rain
Hawkeye shoots a lot of arrow while jumping backwards, dealing Physical Damage and a slow effect to enemies in the area. Hawkeye will briefly immune to all Damage and control effect while in the air.

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