Human Torch

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Human Torch

Human Torch

Transformed into a flamming monster after he joined an authorized space flight with scientist Reed Richards and pilot Ben Grimm. Flight crashed back to earth after riddled by some cosmic radiation. He became a member of Fantastic Four, they are not superheroes in the traditional sense, but rather explorers, facing whatever challenges that may arise as a family. Individually they call themselves Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing.

The Human Torch set three points and form a rectangular cage that and blast. Whoever caught inside the cage endure an enormous Energy Damage, after he created this cage he will restore HP. He marks his enemy hero with Sparks, tracking them and when enemy hero hit by the other of his skills will deal extra Energy Damage.

Movie: The fantastic Four
Identity: Johnny Storm

Passive: The Human Torch will tag any enemy hero struck by Combustion with a 7-second Spark mark. Marking enemies with successive Sparks will refresh the mark's duration.

Ability 1: Combustion:
The Human Torch unleashes a fiery blast in the specified direction, exploding on contact with an enemy target, dealing Energy Damage and slowing down enemies, all enemies within blast radius. The slow effect will decay over time.

Ability 2: Fiery Cage:
The Human Torch gains 60% movement speed for 2 seconds and flies in the specified direction, leaving flames at both his launch point and destination. He can fly again to leave a third point of flames at his next destination. After creating three blazes, they will merge to create a triangular cage fire. Enemies caught within will take immense Energy Damage. The initial movement speed bonus decays over time.
If this ability hits an enemy with the Spark mark, it will deal extra 55% Energy Damage, while refreshing the cooldown and restoring HP.

Ultimate: Flames of Rage:
The Human Torch charges toward an enemy marked with Spark, creating a flaming torrent at their location, which slows enemies in range by 75%. This torrent will explode after a short delay, dealing Energy Damage to enemies in range and stunning them.
The Human Torch cannot be targeted while creating flamming torrent.

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