Iron Man

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Iron Man

Iron Man

Tony Stark is the CEO of Stark Industries and the chief weapons manufacturer of U.S military. A genius irresponsible playboy but a philantropist that grow up with brilliant mind for technology. Invented many weapons and naturally followed his father footstep, inheriting the Stark Industries after his parents' unanticipated death. Now, he is well known of his armored suit invention and call him as Iron Man.

Iron Man is an Energy Hero type in Marvel Super War Mobile games that released a powerful beam after his 3 basic attacks and launches mini-missles to enemies that deal Energy Damage to the area of blast. He can acivate his thrusters and fly for 12 seconds without worrying the obstacles, while in flying mode, it gives him speed advantage from enemies and still he can use all of his abilities. His Unibeam ultimate skill that fires a laser to enemies and dealt enormous Energy Damage to its path.

Movie: Iron Man, Avengers
Identity: Tony Starks

Pulse Cannon
After using an ability or 3 basic attacks, the next basic attack emits a powerful beam with 200-yard range, dealing Energy Damage to the enemy units around them.

Ability 1: Micro-Missiles:
Iron Man launches a cluster of mini-missiles at the specified area, dealing Energy Damage to enemies in the blast radius.

Ability 2: Electromagnetic Shock:
Iron Man fires his electromagnetic beam in the specified direction, blasting enemies with Energy Damage, knocking them back and slowing them for few seconds.

Ability 3: Flight Thrusters:
Iron Man activates his thrusters and takes flight at speed to gain 80% movement speed and ignore obstacles. He can keep flying for 12 seconds.

Ultimate: Unibeam:
Iron Man fires his lasers in the specified direction, blasting enemies in its path for up to 10 hits of 100 Energy Damage every 0.3 seconds.

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