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After her parents died, mistakenly killed by a hit-man, Jubilee was rescued by X-Men in the mall that serves as her home when Mutant Hunters is trying to eliminate her. She was discovered as mutant when she performed her abilities in public as her way of living. She became a student of Professor Charles Xavier when the new X-men was formed, she was recognized as one of the most valuable member of the team. Later, she learned the truth about the death of her parents and managed to made an exact revenged to the assassins.

Jubilee, with her gymnastic talent, slides in specified direction in her skateboard and can be stored up two times. Able to launch fireworks that deals Energy Damage to all enemies in range. While hitting enemy heroes with her basic attack or any of her abilities, enemy heroes marked with fire crackers and accumulated. When Jubilee unleashed her Ultimate, the Luminescence, it will locked to all enemy heroes that have fire cracker marks and dealt Energy Damage to all of them in range like a Fireworks, dealing enormous Energy Damage.

Movie: X-Men
Identity: Jubilation Lee, Wondra

Passive: Every basic attack after Jubilee uses an ability deals extra Energy Damage to any enemies hit that are in range and applies one Firework mark on them.

Ability 1: Spark Show
Jubilee launches firework missiles in the specified direction, dealing Energy Damage every 0.35 second to hit enemy heroes. The target can be attacked a up to 4 times, and Jubilee gains a shield that absorbs Energy Damage from enemies. The last attack deals Energy Damage to the target, stuns it for 1.5 seconds, and applies 1 Firework marks. When the target is not in range from Jubilee attack, Fireworks cease to attack the target.

Ability 2: Radiance
Jubilee launches a firework attack in the specified direction, dealing Energy Damage to enemies close to her and applying 1 Firecracker marks. Jubilee deals Energy Damage to enemies at the edge of this ability's range furthest from her and afflicts them with 2 Firecracker marks.

Ability 3: Shooting Star
Jubilee slides ahead in the specified direction for a short distance on her skateboard. This ability can be stored up to 2 times.

Ultimate: Luminescence
Jubilee launches a myriad of Fireworks in the specified direction, locking onto and attacking targets in range tagged with Firework marks to inflict on each target, depending on how many marks each target has. Each attack deals Energy Damage. When a target is too far away from Jubilee attack range, lock-on is deactivated.

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