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The Master of manipulation and deceit but with superhuman strength, speed and longevity. Loki was a biological son of Laufey, the ruler of the Frost Giants in Jotunheim. He was found by Odin when he was abandoned in the temple to die right after his birth. The King of Asgard took him to Asgard and raised by him and Frigga as an Asgardian prince, along with their son Thor.

Loki is an Energy type hero in Marvel Super War mobile game, creates an illusions that deals damage to enemy heroes when in contact. With his Asgardian Magic as ultimate, he creates illusions in specified area that deals enormous Energy Damage to all enemies and slow their movement speed for slow period of time and deals extra Energy Damage in the disappearance of his illusions. Using Loki in battle needs a good timing in casting his skills and made a great combo effect if it use wisely and with precisions.

Movie: Thor, Avengers
Identity: Loki Laufeyson

God of Mischief
Loki will only appear to be KO'd on receiving a fatal blow, but can actually resurrect himself within 10 secondsto continue with HP he had before his ultimately demise plus an additional small amount of HP.

Ability 1: Illusions:
Loki disguises himself as friendly unit or beast, but will return to his original form if he is hurt, casts an ability or after 30 seconds, following which he will become invisible for 3 seconds.
Loki releases a phantom image when he becomes invisible. The phantom image will move in the direction of any nearby enemy heroes and explode either on contact with its target or after 6 seconds dealing Energy Damage.

Ability 2: Frosty Lineage:
Loki casts a spell over the specified area, freezing enemy units for 1 second. Loki's icy grip will eventually shutter, dealing Energy Damage to enemies within the area.

Ability 3: Concussive Beam:
Loki fires a magical beam in the specified direction, dealing Energy Damage to all enemies in its path plus a slow effect in heroes that directly hit by it. If Loki's Illusions Phantom form is also present on the field at the same time, then both Loki and his phantom form will release the beam but damage will decreased to 60%.

Ultimate: Asgardian Magic:
Loki creates a phantom at specified area, which will last for 2 seconds. Enemy heroes who happen to be in this area will suffer 40% slow in movement speed and dealt Energy Damage every 0.5 seconds. The Phantom also deals Energy Damage to nearby enemies when it disappears.

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