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A fighter hero who can creates pools of water, which he uses to enhance his abilities. Once he's deployed a pool of water, he can enter it to increase his survivability and continuously deal damage to sorroundings enemies. he can also inflict control effects on enemiesthat are in the water. All this makes Namor excellent at initiating teamfights and dealing damage over time.

Movie: N/A
Identity: Namor Mckenzie

Natural Passive: King of Atlantis
When Namor uses basic attacks on enemy heroes, he creates a pool of water at his target's feet. This effect can be triggered at regular intervals.
Passive - Emperor of the Deep:Whenever Namor is in a pool of water of his own creation, he restores HP every second and gains movement speed. At the same time, he commands nearby water sorrounds him, dealing damage to enemies he comes into contact with each second. When out of combat, if Namor enters a river, he gains movement speed.

Ability 1: Raging Tides
Namor summons a mighty wave and launces it in the specified direction, dealing damage to enemies in range and slowing them down, while creating a pool of water that lasts for a certain priod of time. If the wave passes through another pool of water, it will travel for another extended distance.

Ability 2: Trident of Neptune
Namorthrust his trident in a specified direction, dealing damage to enemies in his path. When retracting his trident, this skill also deals damage to enemies in his path. When retracted, if his trident hits heroes in water, they will be pulled towards him.

Ultimate Ability: Sub-Mariner Vortex
Namor leaps towards a specified enemy hero, creating a whirlpool in the area he lands that exist for a certain period of time. Enemies that passes through the whirlpool outer region take damage and are pulled to the Whirlpool center. Damage is reduced if enemies pass through the whirlpool's outer region multiple times. If Namor leaves the whirlpool, it will disappear instantly.

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