Rocket Raccoon

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Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon

A genetically enhanced creature with a code 89P13, who became a freelance criminal. Traveling around the galaxy collecting bounties along with his best friend and partner Groot. Their journey as bounty hunter ends when they meet Star-Lord that convinced them to help him sell the Orb he has, for an immense profit. After knowing that the Orb is one of the Infinity stone that Thanos is aiming to possess to enslave the whole Universe. They dedicate their life in protecting the stones and in the process, Groot's life was put in vain. He became a member of the Guardian of the Galaxy along side with the newly planted baby Groot. After many years passed, Guardian of the Galaxy meet Thor after Thanos destroy Asgard, they join the Avengers and fight along side with them, to protect the Universe from Thanos destruction.

Rocket Raccoon switches his gun into strafing mode that fires 3 enemies in a row and giving him a boosts in attack speed and extra Physial Damage. With this ability combining with his Explosive Mines that explodes, dealing extra damage and making the enemy to slow in movement speed will make Rocket Raccoon in advantage in attack position.

Movie:Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy

Gun Augmentation
Passive: For every 1800 units Rocket Raccoon defeats within 1 yard, spare parts will appear on the battleground (units that were not defeated by Rocket Raccoon will not drop spare parts) and will be automatically picked up. Pick up 15 spare parts to assemble a gun enhancer.

Ability 1: Machine Gun Volley
Rocket Raccoon switches his gun to strafing mode. The gun's strafing attack hits enemiesin the target area with three volleys, each dealing extra Physical Damage and may also trigger critical and basic attack effects.

Ability 2: Raccoon Sprint
Rocket Raccoon sprints along on all fours, gaining extra boosts in his movement speed.
Thrust Enhancer: Grants Raccoon Sprint a slow immunity effect.

Ultimate: Explosive Mines
Rocket Raccoon lays a mine at the specified location, which will explode after being tripped by an enemy, dealing Bonus Physical Damage to enemies within range and slowing them. There can be only Max of 4 active mines.
Explosion Enhancer: Explosive Mine's slow effect is increased to 80%.

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