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High school student and child prodigy Peter Parker submerged himself in his passion for science to avoid the taunts and threats of his fellow classmates and stumbled into a world beyond his imagining. While visiting a public exhibition of new breakthroughs in radiation manipulation and genetics, Parker felt the bite of a spider exposed to a particle beam and felt immediately ill from it, little realizing how much his life would change in the coming hours.

Bitten by a spider, Peter Parker’s arachnid abilities give him amazing powers he uses to help others. With his incredible agility, Spider-Man catches his enemies off guard with how quickly he can move and contort in battle. He can perceive impending danger with his Spidey Sense and know all enemy movement in his surroundings that makes Spider man a powerful ally. Among the many inventions that Peter Parker has created to augment his spider abilities are his signature web-shooters, which connect to his wrists and allow him to spray a “webbing” that he uses to swing on or fight with.

Movie: Avengers: Infinity war, Amazing Spider-man, Captain America: Civil War
Identity: Peter Parker

Spider Power
Spider-man will accumulate energy while moving. Once the energy maxes out, his next basic attack or ability will deal an additional Physical Damage.
Passive - Spidey Sense: Spiderman can perceive the position and direction of all surrounding enemy heroes within a certain range.

Ability 1: Web Shot
Spider-man shoots four web bombs in the specified direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies hit. If this ability is used while in Hang status, Spiderman will shoot a barrage of web bombs at surroundings enemies, dealing Physical Damage to enemies in range.
Passive: After a web bomb hits an enemy hero, it will add Web Mark that lasts for 5 seconds. Up to one mark can be added when in Hang Status. Once 4 Web Marks are accumulated, they will immediately deal extra Physical Damage to the target and stun them for a second. This effect has a 8-second cooldown.

Ability 2: Spidey Fight
When Spider-man uses this ability on the ground, he will start to fly and gain a 150% acceleration. Long press the ability to extend fight time for up to 1.3 seconds. This ability can be stored up to 2 times. After using this ability, the next basic attack can pull him to the target, dealing double Physical attack damage and adding one Web Mark while also reducing this ability's charge time by 2 seconds.
If this ability or a basic attack is used after flight, he will enter Hang status, during which he can begin flying again.

Ultimate: Web Punishment
If there is a stunned enemy hero within range, Spiderman can use his web to pull himself to the target, dealing immense Physical Damage to the target and launching them up for a second.


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"Spider-man is the best hero to counter Star-lord."

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