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Ororo Munroe was born with the ability to control the weather. She was worshipped by her tribe in her previous days due to her ability, and she claimed herself as a goddess. After long years that she rescued T'Challa from his would-be kidnappers and killers, Professor Charles Xavier explained to her that she is not a goddess, she is one of them that born as a mutant, born with abilities, extra ordinary. Professor Xavier recruited her, and he gave her a new identity and because of her abilities, Professor called her "STORM" . After serving with the team for many years, Storm was appointed the leader of the team following the departure of the former leader, Cyclops, after the apparent death of Jean Grey. Storm was initially unsure about her new role, but with the support of her teammates, she soon became a capable leader.

Storm can unleashed her hurricane that gradually dispurses while travelling in the specified direction and deals Energy Damage to all enemies in its path. Hurricane will vanished once hit to any enemy hero in its path, dealing Energy Damage and stunned for 1 second. If Hurricane will not hit any enemy hero in its way, it will dissipate after it reaches its own range. Storm gains a Wind Shield that can absorb any Damage from the enemy if she hasn't taken any damage from enemy hero for few seconds and when the shield disappeared, she will automatically gain a small boosts to her movement speed. The X-shape in the field is her ultimate, the "Eye of the Storm" is what it called, that deals enormous damage to all enemies inside of it. The greater the percentage of nemey heroes HP is lost, the greater the damage it will dealt with, and Storm gives the chance to use this ability again, once the K.O. has been done using this ultimate ability.

Movie: X-Men
Identity: Ororo Munroe

Wind Shield
Passive: Whenever Storm hasn't taken any damage from an enemy hero for 20/18/16/14 seconds, she gains a Wind Shield that absorbs any Damage. When her Wind Shield disappear, Storm instantly gains 45% acceleration, which decays over 2 seconds. Wind Shield's refresh time decreases at level 1/5/10/15.

Ability 1: Chain Lightning
Storm unleashes chain lightning on the selected enemy, which will ricochet onward to other nearby enemies, dealing Energy Damage. This lightning can jump up to 3 times and can only deal damage to the same target once. Every time an enemy is defeated by Chain Lightning, its subsequent damage increase by 10%.

Ability 2: Hurricane
Storm fires off a cyclone in the specified direction, dealing Energy Damage to all enemy in its path. Hurricane will rapidly dissipate if it didn't hit any enemy hero after travelling a long distance. If it does hit an enemy hero, it will deal an Energy Damage to the area and a 1-second stun to them.

Ultimate: Eye of the Storm
Storm summons a bolt of lightning at the specified location, dealing extensive Energy Damage and a 1.5 seconds slow of 50% to nearby enemies. The bolt's energy will diffuse outwards in an X-shape from the point of impact after 0.6 second, dealing an extra Energy Damage to nearby enemies. The greater the percentage of HP lost of the target, the severe the damage into it, Energy Damage up to 3 times of the previous from the normal. This ability will have no cool down at all if it manages to K.O. an enemy hero.

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