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A Supervillain in Marvel Universe that clashed with most super heroes including The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The Guardians of the Galaxy and even the X-Men. Thanos start a crusade to find the Infinity Stones and to bring balance to universe. Once he collected all the Infinity Stones, this will wipe-out the half of human race in the whole universe, in his belief, that the over growing population will used up its resources and condemn it.

Thanos is a fighter hero in Marvel Super War that collecting Infinity Stones just like in the Movie Avengers Infinity War and Avengers End Game. Ever time Thanos level up, he can collect stones one at a time giving him so much power over time. Each Infinity Stones has its different ability effect to him and to his abilities. While the game is getting late, Thanos becomes more stronger as his Ultimate ability can cause damage more than twice of his Physical Attack damage.

Movie: Avengers: Infinity, End Game

Mad Titan
If Thanos hasn't taken any damage for 8 seconds, he obtains a shield that can absorb any damage.

Ability 1: Cosmic Power:
Thanos channels power for a short duration before charging and punching in the specified direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies in a rectangular area and inflicting a 50% slow effect. He can move freely while channeling power. He can punch again in the specified direction within 5 seconds of casting, dealing Physical Damage to enemies in range and briefly knocking them back. Once Thanos has the Power Stone or Mind Stone, the ability effect will change.

Ability 2: Titan Range:
Thanos stomps the ground to deal Physical Damage and inflicts slow effect on mearby enemies, while his next basic attack becomes Brutal Pummel. Brutal Pummel: Thanos' basic attacks deal extra Physical Damage and launch up targets. Once Thanos has the Space Stone or Reality Stone, the ability effect will change.

Ability 3: Titan Strike
Thanos charges in the specified direction. When the soul Stone or the Time Zone has been obtained, the ability effect is changed.

Ultimate: Infinity Gauntlet:
Every time this ability upgrades, Thanos obtain an Infinity Stone that enhances his abilities. Each ability can only be enhanced once. When Thanos obtain stones, he needs to channel 3 seconds to activate their power.
Active: Thanos punches the specified enemy hero with Infinity Gauntlet dealing atleast half of its Physical Damage.

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