Install “WhatsApp” without downloading it.

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WhatsApp is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and voice over IP service application owned by Facebook. Just like other messaging apps, it allows you to create voice and video calls; and send text messages, images and documents. The application runs on mobile devices and you only need your mobile number to get started.

WhatsApp and opera logo

WhatsApp is also accessible in desktops or laptops as long as the mobile device with the original account is connected to the Internet. This is really handy especially to persons who spend more time in front of computers rather than mobile phones. It saves a lot of time and minimizes distraction. However, searching the Web for the WhatsApp installer will often direct you to various questionable options that seem legit and secure. This is quite a hassle as it leaves your computer vulnerable to hacking and other threats.

The good news is WhatsApp’s latest version is built with end-to-end encryption. This means your messages and calls are encrypted and secured and only you and the receiver can read and listen to your conversation. Also, there is no need to install the app in your computer.

Using the “Opera” browser gives you the option to connect to WhatsApp in your computer without downloading the app. It is also the only browser that blocks pop-ups and advertisements in every site that the user visits. Unlike other browsers that require a separate download for pop-up blockers and ads blocker, it is a function that’s already built-in which is really convenient for WhatsApp computer users. If you need to know more about the Opera browser, click here.

So how do we use WhatsApp in Opera? In the browser speed dial or Home page you will see in the left side of the screen the WhatsApp icon just like in the image below. Press the WhatsApp icon and it will mandate you on how to connect your WhatsApp mobile into your computer.

Opera Speed Dial

The following steps should then be be accomplished in the user’s mobile phone WhatsApp:

    1. Click the 3-lines located vertically at the upper right corner of you mobile phone
    2. Opera Speed Dial

    3. Choose “WhatsApp Web” and it will direct you to scan a code.
    4. Opera Speed Dial

    5. Scan the code in your computer or laptop and you’re all set.
    6. Opera Speed Dial

    Make sure that your mobile phone is connected to internet, mobile data or Wi-Fi. Because your laptop/computer WhatsApp is like a mirror of your mobile phone WhatsApp. You are all set you can use WhatsApp in your computer securely and no download required.

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